Grace: Worst intersections, the nominator

Grace: Worst intersections, the nominator

By Erin Grace February 12, 2013 11:10 am 22 comments

Of all the terrible intersections in all the industrial areas of the country, how does little old Millard wind up on Streetsblog?

Meet John Amdor. This Creighton Prep (class of 2005) graduate is getting his master’s degree in urban planning and policy from the University of Illinois-Chicago. For John, the national nonprofit Streetsblog is practically required reading.

So when Streetsblog put out the call in late January for “worst intersection” submissions, John thought of his trip home at Christmas. And how pedestrian-unfriendly the 132nd-L-Industrial-Road-Millard-Avenue intersection was and submitted it. He posted the contest on his Facebook page, but noted he “had only” 100 friends. He’s not sure what drove the first-place/worst-place finish for Omaha.

Plenty of readers, along with people who live and work in that area,said no one in their right mind would think of walking that 20-plus-lane intersection, which doubles as two highways. But John and the Streetsblog people say not everyone has a car, not everyone can drive a car and if communities were designed more for walkers, and less for drivers, we’d all be better off.

Sounds good in theory. But I put it into practice once at this intersection. And have no plans of repeating my dance with death.

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