Kelly: Quidditch goal in Omaha a first?

Kelly: Quidditch goal in Omaha a first?

By Michael Kelly February 8, 2013 5:17 pm Comments are Disabled

At a Thursday evening performance of “Potted Poter: The Unauthorized Harry Experience,” something unsual happened — a member of the audience scored a Quidditch goal.

Omaha Performing Arts is claiming this as the first such goal scored in North America.

 The show at the Holland Performing Arts Center is a parody condensing seven Harry Potter books into 70 minutes. In the books, Quidditch is a sport in which players fly on broomsticks, using several balls and ring-shaped goals. That has been modified for the theater — no flying on broomsticks — but there is a bit of audience participation.

A spokeswoman said the two British actors who wrote the parody — Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner – said they have played several cities, including New York, Chicago and Canadian cities. They quickly had to change several lines of dialogue “because no one had ever scored a goal before.” 

Folks at the Holland Center were hoping to learn the name of the young woman who scored the goal – no prize, but for the sake of Potter parody history.


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